“L’Escala is a seaside town with very diverse landscapes, from sandy beaches formed by coastal dunes to rocky massifs and abrupt coves. This landscape is framed between the Montgrí Massif and the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà. The Cala Montgó, Riells, the typical beaches of the historical town, and the beaches in Empúries stand out especially.
There are numerous cultural resources, including: the Archaeological Museum of Catalonia in Empúries, with the ruins of a Greek city and a Roman city; the Museu de l’Anxova i de la Sal (The Anchovy and Salt Museum); the towers of Pedró and Montgó; Cementiri Marí (The Marine Cemetery); Sant Martí d’Empúries (conserved as a medieval town); and a series of examples of the fishing tradition: MARAM (the Fish Interpretation Centre), the Alfolí de la Sal (the old salt storehouse), the norais (bollards) for mooring boats, the monuments to the people who live off the sea and the Dona del pescador (the fishermen’s wife). L’Escala is also known for its gastronomy, especially for the Anxoves de l’Escala (L’Escala anchovies), which are conserved using ancestral methods. A visit to one of the anchovy factories is highly recommended.
We would also like to highlight important leisure activities which take place throughout the year: the Triumvirat Mediterrani (Mediterranean Triumvirate), the Empúries Marathon, the aplec de la sardana (sardana gathering), the Mare de Déu del Carme Festival, the Portalblau Festival, the Festa de la Sal (Salt Festival), the Festa de l’Anxova (Anchovy Festival), and the Jornades Gastronòmiques del Suquet de Peix (Fish Broth Festival).
Additionally, l’Escala offers SCUBA diving, bicycle routes, and hiking routes, amongst other sport, aquatic, and leisure activities.”